Lee Seon Kyun and Jung Rye Won Confirmed for jTBC Legal Drama Inside Stories of Prosecutors

Now this is what I call a crack casting, something that either feels like it should have happened before or is long overdue. I had to google their filmography to make sure they haven’t worked together before, such is the weird sense of deja vu. Upcoming jTBC drama Inside Stories of Prosecutors (Prosecutor Civil War) has lined up Lee Seon Kyun and Jung Ryeo Won as leads of a drama adapted from the same name novel written by a real life prosecutor in South Korea. It reveals the inside scoops of what is is like to be a prosecutor working to put baddies away within a very politicized and at times corrupt/inefficient system. It sounds a tad dry or mundane but with such talented leads I can do this taking on a gritty expose vibe. Directing will be the PD of Age of Youth, Smile You, and The Last Scandal of My Life. Continue reading