Ishihara Satomi is the Cutest Pharmacist for J-dorama Unsung Cinderella

I find J-actress Ishihara Satomi great in procedurals and she’s coming back this Spring with a new Fuji TV dorama called Unsung Cinderella. It’s based on a same name manga and her character visuals looks sooooo much like the manga character it just reinforces how crazy pretty she is in real life. It’s the story of a hospital pharmacist who takes her job above and beyond just mixing pills based on doctor diagnosis and prescription. She spends time with patients personally to offer up even more targeted treatments and gets flack from her colleagues. Sounds like the world’s best pharmacist to me, and a way to get this role to have more agency and interaction than behind the counter grabbing pill bottles. Count me in! Continue reading

Top J-actresses Ishihara Satomi, Ueno Juri and Ayase Haruka All Have Big Summer 2018 Doramas Coming

I’m triply stoked for the summer 2018 J-dorama season, and in general have enjoyed the last three dorama seasons with always one show I get hooked on to watch. Summer ’18 has three high profile top actresses with anticipated series … Continue reading

Tzuyu of TWICE is Highest Ranked East Asian Star in 3rd Place on the TC Candler Most Beautiful Faces of 2017 List

The TC Candler website list of the Most Beautiful Faces of 2017 is out and congrats is due to Taiwanese idol singer Tzuyu (Chou Tzu Yu) of TWICE for being the highest East Asian star on the list at number … Continue reading

Japanese Netizens Vote for Most Beautiful J-actress of All Time with Kitagawa Keiko Topping the List

The votes are in and this is a huge polling size and spans decades to get a good sense of what Japanese find most beautiful among their actresses. With over 50,000 votes, J-actress Kitagawa Keiko tops the list of most … Continue reading