Screenwriters of Pinocchio and It’s Okay It’s Love Preparing New Dramas for 2015

While it’s not a surprise to hear that popular or well regarded screenwriters have pending dramas in the works, it’s always a relief to get some concrete information to look forward to. The Girl Who Sees Smells is a perfect example of everything clicking but for the writing of the drama, and in that case that everything else managed to salvage the ship for me. But it does emphasize once again the importance of competent storytelling above all else, and for that these two screenwriters remain at the top of their game.

Screenwriter Park Hye Ryun wrote two of my favorite dramas in the original Dream High and the recent Pinocchio, and is also the writer for the beloved I Hear Your Voice. She works predominately with SBS but has done a drama apiece for KBS and MBC so it’s unclear where her next drama will land. What’s certain is that she has something specific in mind as Park Hye Ryun just registered the name for her upcoming drama called Page Turner. No other information is available but the drama title alludes to perhaps a musical drama in store. Pinocchio convinced me she can tackle any subject matter and make an interesting yarn out of it. Continue reading

TV Report Releases Industry PDs Vote on Best Dramas in Recent Years

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K-viewers Pick Male Leads of I Hear Your Voice, It’s Okay, It’s Love, and You From Another Star as Fave Characters

Stickiness has long been used as yet another barometer to assess a drama, performance, or character. Some successes vanish soon after while other less immediate wins steadily remain for much longer. It’s hard to say which one is preferable, ultimately … Continue reading

You From Another Star and Misaeng Top CPI Rankings for Most Influential K-drama of 2014

Television boxtop ratings are still important but less so now that online streaming of television shows, not to mention the ease of DVR recording and other alternate forms of consumption. The changing landscape means the unlikelihood of K-dramas garnering 50% … Continue reading

2014 Drama Reviews: Enjoyment in the Good and the Inexplicably Bad

Year end drama reviews always starts off like a looming chore, telling me to wash the dish one more time even though I’ve washed it thoroughly already. But then I grow to appreciate it, the added step may yield a … Continue reading

The Hardworking Cast of It’s Okay, It’s Love Attend Wrap Party to Celebrate the Final Episode

Never have I felt so happy with the decision to stick with It’s Okay, It’s Love. When I hit the cross roads of whether to continue watching or not, right around the time Hae Soo got over her intimacy aversion … Continue reading

It’s Okay, It’s Love with Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin Bursts Out of the Gate with a Captivating Start

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