TW-stars Chris Wu and Ivy Shao Confirm Long Rumored Relationship After Working Together on Two Dramas and One MV

Awwwwwww, gosh I hope the romance makes make this one last. I normally just wish couples well and even if they break up I just hope it’s mutual and both move on nicely. But I really want Chris Wu and Ivy Shao to work out because they have both had their share of previous relationships and are beyond adorable together onscreen and offscreen. The long rumored couple admitted this week they were dating, after yet another paparazzi sting, and both said they were going public to deter the paps from trailing them and getting into accidents. Ok, that’s just legit decent human being stuff. They did one drama together The Perfect Match which I tried hard to love but just lost interest over time (sorry babies, imma finish it now!), a TV movie, and Chris most recently starred in Ivy’s MV for her song and they got to snuggle and make out a lot in it ahahaha, but of course. Go forth and be happy together and if it works out add to the strong foundation of many TW-acting couples all around them.

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