Jang Dong Gun Returns from Hawaii without Wife Go So Young and Kids After Joo Jin Mo Phone Hack Text Scandal

The Joo Jin Mo phone hack scandal and the ensuing public reaction is nuanced in many ways and the biggest victim appears to be Jang Dong Gun. Even Joo Jin Mo is a victim because his phone got back and private conversations were made public, and those conversations the public had no right or expectation to see even if Joo Jin Mo was a public figure as an actor. His good friend Jang Dong Gun even more so since he was texting with Joo Jin Mo and it wasn’t even his phone hacked or he who refused to pay the blackmailer hence the texts being leaked.

All the texts revealed were the two friends in 2013 being hella gross, sleazy in talking about women, having sex with women, and sharing sexy pictures, none of which are illegal, though in Jang Dong Gun’s case it probably makes him an adulterer since he was already married to Go So Young. But that’s between him and his wife and she appears quite pissed. The couple rushed off to Hawaii with their kids after news broke and was spotted looking quite tense there and not talking. Eyes, the be everywhere in the smartphone era. Continue reading

Penultimate Episode of Fantasy Sageuk Arthdal Chronicles Bring in 6.412% Ratings

It’s finale weekend over on tvN as the big budgeted and highly promoted fantasy sageuk Arthdal Chronicles wraps up its ambitious tale with the final two episodes. The penultimate episode brought in 6.412% ratings, so part 3 of this drama … Continue reading

2019 Asia Artist Awards Lines Up Top K-stars Yoona, Park Min Young, Ji Chang Wook, Jang Dong Gun, Jung Hae In and More

The Asia Artist Awards started only three years ago in 2016 created by a few cable networks. This year it’s going to be held in Vietnam and announced as the MCs are singer Leeteuk and actress Lim Ji Yeon. The … Continue reading

Fantasy Sageuk Arthdal Chronicles Returns for Season 2 This Weekend Taking Over For Hotel Del Luna

tvN started off summer of 2019 with the highly anticipated fantasy sageuk Arthdal Chronicles but it was the next drama to come the fantasy drama Hotel Del Luna that garnered higher ratings an buzz. One will never know how Arthdal … Continue reading

Poster and Preview for Season 3 of Arthdal Chronicles Teases Direct Conflict and More Action Between All the Leads

Summer of 2019 is ending and will bring with it the return of tvN drama Arthdal Chronicles, which kicked of the summer when it first premiered at the beginning of June. The first two seasons didn’t reach the ratings height … Continue reading

Arthdal Chronicles Wraps Up First Two Seasons With Disappointing Ratings and Break Before Third Season Airs in September

Watching the first two seasons (12 episodes) of tvN fantasy saguek Arthdal Chronicles is like sticking with a whole lotta meh hoping for something drastic to happen to make it suddenly better. I stuck with it thinking perhaps the dull … Continue reading

Arthdal Chronicles Releases Four Character Previews Running Gamut from Cutesy to Coolly Dangerous

I’m getting this stark dichotomy after watching the just released four character teaser preview for tvN drama Arthdal Chronicles. It actually helps me make sense of the wildly varied previews so far. Leads Kim Ji Won and Song Joong Ki … Continue reading