Kim So Hyun Confirms KBS Sageuk Youth Romance Tale of Nok Du and Schedules June Birthday Fan Meeting

K-actress Kim So Hyun is heading into the summer with plenty on her plate. She’s turning 20 years old on June 4th being 1999 born, which is the official Western age but in Korean age she would be 21 turning 22. To celebrate the young actress is holding a fan meeting on June 1 to meet her fans and also celebrate her birthday with them. After that she will start filming the KBS Mon-Tues youth sageuk Tale of Nok Du (Mung Bean Chronicles), based on the same name webtoon about a cross-dressing romance that sounds super charming. Her male lead will be Jang Dong Yoon of A Poem a Day, playing a young man cross-dressing as a woman to escape an arranged marriage to a child bride. He goes to hide in a widows village and encounters the tomboyish female lead who is being forced to train as a geisha and has no feminine skills or interest. Of course a friendship and then romance blossoms and I’m so loving this pairing and story already. Continue reading