Jang Dong Yoon Basks in the Success of The Tale of Nokdu and in Talks for OCN Drama Search

Rising young actors and actresses sometimes need luck to get their big break. Such is the case of Jang Dong Yoon who has been in several dramas up til now but his male lead role in KBS sageuk The Tale of Nokdu was tailored made to vault him into star status. He was so beautiful as the cross-dressing widow yet also so masculine and handsome as the young warrior discarded prince. Good looks isn’t enough, he had the ability to project the personalities of both roles and create a fulsome character that viewers could fully love. I cannot wait to watch him again in another romance drama, and lucky is the actress who gets to play his leading lady ashe has the ability to solely focus on his romantic interest like there is nothing else and no one else around. But a romance drama isn’t next on his agenda, K-ent is reporting that Jang Dong Yoon is in talks for the male lead of OCN drama Search set in the world of the military. Continue reading