OCN Drops Teaser and Script Reading Stills for Action Drama Search Starring Jang Dong Yoon and Krystal

It’s time for these folks to put on their army fatigues and strap on their monster radars for upcoming OCN action drama Search. Jang Dong Yoon and Krystal lead a team of South Korean army soldiers trying to hunt a mysterious “monsters” in the DMZ. It’s a survival and supernatural tinged drama and the leads are both young and pretty so clearly the visuals will be there even if the action is typical OCN dark and dreary. Jang Dong Yoon is coming off a career boosting performance in last year’s well received youth romance sageuk The Tale of Nokdu and chose Search as something different and challenging so I’m totally on board with supporting this young actor that really packs on the charisma onscreen.

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Jang Dong Yoon Considers Joseon Exorcist Drama and Ro Woon Now in Talks for Rom-com Sunbae, Please Don’t Put on that Lipstick

It’s crazy that K-actor Jang Dong Yoon‘s name is attached to so many dramas in 2020 already. His new thriller action drama Search will premiere soon on OCN, a great pick for him to totally change up from his last … Continue reading