Jang Geun Seok Holds Annual Photo Exhibit for Fans and Continues to Donate All Proceeds to Needy Charities

I feel like actor-singer Jang Geun Seok came back from military service with one of the most changed vibes I’ve seen from all my boys that have gone off to the army over the last decade. He’s still doing many of the same things but I feel he’s really grown up and grown out of the wild rocker boy experimental phase for good. This week Jang Geun Seok was out in Seoul attending his photo exhibit which he holds ever year for the past 7 years, as a fan service to his loyal fan club and also as a community service as he’s donated all proceeds to charitable organizations each year. Kudos to this young man using his fame and popularity for a win-win outcome.

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Hottest Kings, Emperors, and Princes in K-dramas Through 2020

I realized that nearly all of the most popular younger generation K-actors have had a chance now to play a sageuk king, prince, or even fictional modern day Korean king/emperor. It’s totally an excuse for me to collect the entire … Continue reading