Brilliant Character Actor Costars Jang Hye Jin and Park Myung Hoon from Parasite Reunite Hilariously in Crash Landing on You

If K-actress Jang Hye Jin picked lottery numbers I would follow suit because the lady is winner winner chicken dinner level of awesome in her project selection. I wondered where this awesome actress came from when I saw her in Crash Landing on You playing the rich North Korean mother of the second female lead, her antics in trying to learn English and being a total tryhard was brilliantly done. Then I realized she was the completely unrecognizable poor mom of the family in award winning movie Parasite and was just floored, cannot believe it is the same woman AT ALL in acting or looks. Jang Hye Jin has only done two dramas so far, she’s been a solely movie actress since 1997, but her other K-drama is the ratings hit When the Camellia Blooms so dang she’s on fire. She actually is reuniting with another Parasite costar and equally awesome character actor Park Myung Hoon, who plays her brother in Crash and in Parasite played Lee Jung Eun’s basement dwelling husband. The fact that Crash is so good is also due to having so many excellent supporting actors from the North Korean side including the Binnie’s army boys. Continue reading