jTBC Melodrama Chocolate with Yoon Kye Sang and Ha Ji Won Premieres this Friday November 29th

I’ve been waiting patiently for Chocolate much like a kid saves the best for last during a meal. The primary reason is screenwriter Lee Kyung Hee, she who always tugs at my tear ducts and heartstrings with the way she can craft true K-melo the old-fashioned way which frankly still satisfies when done right. Chocolate brings together Ha Ji Won and Yoon Kye Sang, two contemporaries who haven’t worked together until now but later is better than never especially with a Lee Kyung Hee script. He plays a surgeon who wanted to be a chef but now she’s a chef and together they must have some really compelling back story as kids which develops into adulthood so that their many interactions seem teary or at least very melancholy. Scene-stealing second male lead Jang Seung Jo is also there as a fellow doctor to look sad and rather stern and if you ask me Ha Ji Won always gets the men around her worked up lol. Continue reading

Third Time’s the Charm as Knowing Wife Wraps Drama Run and Cast Attend Party

The conclusion of tvN time-travel and do-over drama Knowing Wife (Familiar Wife) frees up on Wed-Thurs again after being fairly addicted for the past eight weeks. I tried to watch on the days it aired but wasn’t so engrossed that … Continue reading