Im Joo Eun Out for My Lovely Girl and Jang Shin Young Steps in for Yang Jin Sung in My Spring Days

Talk about a quick about-face from the production of the upcoming SBS music and romance K-drama My Lovely Girl (She’s So Lovable). The casting was going at light speed with news of Krystal in talks to be Rain‘s leading lady followed a day later by Krystal being confirmed for the part. The lead casting always gets more media interest but there was also lots of positive feedback with the subsequent addition of talented Im Joo Eun as the second female lead in the drama. Just as it appeared the drama got all its ducks in a row and could start filming now for a September 17th premiere, the cauldron got shook up by the abrupt departure of the just arrived Im Joo Eun. Huh? Im Joo Eun’s agency has released a statement that she has ultimately turned down the role as the perfectionist music director role due to a combination of scheduling conflict and having a different direction of where she wanted the role to go versus the production.

The former makes no sense since yesterday she didn’t have a scheduling conflict when she accepted while the latter is obviously the real reason which doesn’t bode well for the drama at all. Im Joo Eun is talented but not always the most finicky project picker, heck she accepted a role in Heirs that was basically wallpaper token poor girl with a total of maybe 2 minutes of screen time per episode were I to average out her appearance in the drama. She wasn’t even lucky enough to be the Cinderella who gets her prince since in the end the dude married the bitch rich girl to keep his inheritance. If Im Joo Eun was fine being in Heirs in that nominal role but doesn’t want to be in My Lovely Girl in the second female role as Rain’s right hand woman with likely a crush on him, I’m basically writing off that role as pointless conflict generator for the OTP. Sigh, so much drama for My Lovely Girl and it hasn’t even started filming yet! Continue reading