Jasper Liu Makes Assertive Confidence and Frustrated Pensive Both Sexy in Episode 3 of Before We Get Married

There’s a mixed reaction to TW-drama Before We Get Married with the domestic audience, it’s a cult hit with all valid criticisms. Leading lady Puff Guo‘s acting remains at the level from when she last worked with male lead Jasper Liu (Liu Yi Hao) while he’s improved leaps and bounds and it shows, but to an addicted viewers that doesn’t matter when they radiate that indelible chemistry onscreen that’s worth more in a rom-com that good acting. Episode 3 made me care about male lead Ke Huan as a person rather than as a plot device driver, why he’s stuck in a loveless credit card relationship with his clingy girlfriend because of some “promise to mom” is beyond me but it’s clearly weighing on him.

It does frustrate me that he’s attracted to Wei Wei because she’s the exact opposite of his annoying girlfriend – Wei Wei is frugal and works hard at everything while the annoying girlfriend only knows how to spend money and try to schedule Ke Huan’s life with no aim of her own. But if it gets him to finally break free and also engage in some lurid proposal of sleep with me for a condo price discount fine by me because ultimately he’s a gentleman and Wei Wei is so attracted to him back she also needs this wake up call with her own boyfriend. Continue reading

Asia Artist Awards 2018 Delivers True Popularity Contest Winners and Typical K-fashion Styles

The Asia Artist Awards are the true purveyors of a popularity contest and if it wasn’t for actors and actresses getting random awards along with the idol and pop stars I’d probably not cover it. This year the highlight was … Continue reading