Darren Wang and Jelly Lin Bring Back the It Started With a Kiss Feels in Final Movie Trailer Before Valentine’s Day Release

I can’t believe I’m falling for the charm of It Started With a Kiss (Itazura na Kiss) again but go figure that a movie version no one was clamoring for may actually be good. The upcoming Fall in Love at First Kiss movie with Darren Wang and Jelly Lin is premiering this weekend right in time for Valentine’s Day and the final trailer hit up all the key moments from the story with the two leads actually exhibiting chemistry. I think it’s more from Jelly who is quite adorable in all her mildly dim but utterly devoted sincerity, while Darren just has to look serious and handsome which isn’t all that hard. There’s a sweetly romantic feel to the movie that comes from producer Chen Yu Shan who directed hit movie Our Times so she’s got a good eye for packaging everything into a tasty nugget of satisfying romance so hopefully her deft touch strikes again here. Continue reading

Darren Wang and Jelly Lin Take on Iconic Leads in Preview for C-movie Version of It Started With a Kiss

Valentine’s Day feels apropos for the premiere of the C-movie version of It Started With a Kiss (Itazura Na Kiss) adaptation, this time starring TW-actor Darren Wang with C-actress Jelly Lin. It’s the umpteenth take on the story of a … Continue reading

Tzuyu of TWICE is Highest Ranked East Asian Star in 3rd Place on the TC Candler Most Beautiful Faces of 2017 List

The TC Candler website list of the Most Beautiful Faces of 2017 is out and congrats is due to Taiwanese idol singer Tzuyu (Chou Tzu Yu) of TWICE for being the highest East Asian star on the list at number … Continue reading

Chinese Teen Actor Wu Lei Headlines First Drama Lead Role in Wuxia Epic Fights Break Sphere with Jelly Lin

C-ent’s puppy love for teen actor Wu Lei will get a treat and a test at the same time when his first major leading role in wuxia C-drama Fights Break Sphere (斗破苍穹) comes out later this year. It’s yet another nth adaptation … Continue reading