Black Pink Members are the K-ent Girls of Summer 2018 at Sprite CF Event

K-pop idol are a dime-a-dozen but the latest YG Entertainment foursome girl group Black Pink truly deserve the moniker of the Girls of Summer 2018. They are the face of Sprite in South Korea this year and the ladies Jennie, Lisa, Ji Soo, and Rose were absolutely refreshing decked out in short shorts and cute green tops for the CF event this weekend. All four are legit visual goals with plenty of distinctiveness that fans will clearly have their own faves. All I know if they make me wants to do leg crunches and drink Sprite, lol, kudos to the cuties for bring their A+ game to a brand event. Continue reading

Top K-Stars Attend Chanel Exhibit at the D-Museum in Seoul

Another high end couture media event in Seoul and another reason for the fashion conscious Koreans stars to don their brand outfits out for a strut. This time it was the Chanel exhibition titled Mademoiselle Prive held at the D-Museum. … Continue reading