Jeon Hye Bin Gets Lee Yeon Hee’s Hideous Blunt Bangs Look from Reunited Worlds

I literally shrieked when I saw actress Jeon Hye Bin debut a new hairstyle that was rounded mocked two months ago when seen on another equally beautiful K-actress. Lee Yeon Hee spent two months on the small screen in SBS drama Reunited Worlds with mid-length hair dominated by too short blunt bangs, which occurred within the drama narrative when she gave herself the horrible haircut inadvertently. If Lee Yeon Hee suffered for her craft then I don’t know what befell Jeon Hye Bin for her to ruin her hair in real life with the same style, seeing as she just finished a good run in another SBS drama Falsify. Of course she also recently broke up with boyfriend Lee Jun Ki so if this is her post-breakup makeover then the poor girl didn’t get the memo that post-breakup makeovers are supposed to be elicit wow reactions rather than eeeeek. Other than the bangs Jeon Hye Bin is glowing and beautiful as ever so I hope this hairstyle is not a zombie scourge that is about to spread more widely among K-ent. Continue reading

MBC Schedules Choi Ji Woo and Joo Jin Mo Drama Woman with a Suitcase on Mon-Tues After Monster

Veteran K-actress Choi Ji Woo is no stranger to suitcases, adorably packing for her trip on variety show Grandpas Over Flowers two years ago, and last year packed up metaphorically to go back to her college days with Second Time Twenty … Continue reading

Suzy Leads High Profile Star Attendees at the VIP Movie Premiere of Horror K-movie The Piper

I’m starting to wonder if Suzy and Lee Min Ho went the candid route in admitting their relationship three months ago when outed by Dispatch because they basically couldn’t hide their rosy romance glow. The stars were out in full … Continue reading

2014 KBS Year End Drama Awards

Despite being the perennial prime time ratings loser in 2014, the KBS Drama Awards was heads and tails better than what MBC put on the night before in both fashion, star power, and actually awarding quality acting. Of course not every … Continue reading