New K-star Couple Lee Jun Ki and Jeon Hye Bin Confirm Dating Relationship

2017 really is the year of K-ent star romances, after TW-ent stole the thunder in 2016 with a slew of high profile celebrity marriages. Another couple has come out of the wood works and it’s none other than previously rumored couple Lee Jun Ki and Jeon Hye Bin. The media reported back in 2015 that they were dating after meeting on the drama Joseon Gunman but both sides denied it at that time. Flash forward two years later to now and this time Dispatch sent it’s squad to snap pictures of the two going out on dates near Jeon Hye Bin’s home. Lee Jun Ki’s agency Namoo Actors swiftly confirmed the relationship and explained the back in 2015 the two were still friends after working on the drama and it wasn’t until 2016 that it turned romantic and they started dating. Whatevers, that sounds like a plausible cover except it’s totally obvious they were dating since the beginning but just didn’t want to be open about it. Congrats to Jun Ki and Jeon Hye Bin! Continue reading

MBC Schedules Choi Ji Woo and Joo Jin Mo Drama Woman with a Suitcase on Mon-Tues After Monster

Veteran K-actress Choi Ji Woo is no stranger to suitcases, adorably packing for her trip on variety show Grandpas Over Flowers two years ago, and last year packed up metaphorically to go back to her college days with Second Time Twenty … Continue reading

Suzy Leads High Profile Star Attendees at the VIP Movie Premiere of Horror K-movie The Piper

I’m starting to wonder if Suzy and Lee Min Ho went the candid route in admitting their relationship three months ago when outed by Dispatch because they basically couldn’t hide their rosy romance glow. The stars were out in full … Continue reading

2014 KBS Year End Drama Awards

Despite being the perennial prime time ratings loser in 2014, the KBS Drama Awards was heads and tails better than what MBC put on the night before in both fashion, star power, and actually awarding quality acting. Of course not every … Continue reading