K-actress Jeon Hye Bin Shares Candid Pics From Jeju Wedding

Life is hard enough and honestly marriage doesn’t make it easier or harder just another element to balance in life with risks and rewards. I’d vote for getting hitched if the right partner came along but it will forever be a work in progress. The last few weeks have been majorly rough in entertainment news so a bit of measured hopefulness with the wedding of K-actress Jeon Hye Bin. She tied the knot this weekend in Jeju to a non-celebrity husband and she was sweet enough to post a few candid shots on her SNS for her fans. She looks glowing and contently happy, not to mention the simple wedding down and chill landscape. All my wishes to her for a happy marriage and a lifetime of simple pleasures. Continue reading

First Teaser for TV Chosun Remake of Leverage Starring Lee Dong Gun, Jeon Hye Bin, and Kim Sae Ron

Smaller cable network TV Chosun has picked up the K-drama remake of US show Leverage, calling it Leverage: Fraud Control Operation and made it all sleek and shiny. The first teaser is out and shows the five leads walking purposefully … Continue reading

MBC Schedules Choi Ji Woo and Joo Jin Mo Drama Woman with a Suitcase on Mon-Tues After Monster

Veteran K-actress Choi Ji Woo┬áis no stranger to suitcases, adorably packing for her trip on variety show Grandpas Over Flowers two years ago, and last year packed up metaphorically to go back to her college days with Second Time Twenty … Continue reading