Fans Mourn Jeon Tae Soo with His Most Recent Instagram Posts Showing Him Bright and Healthy

I can’t imagine what the Jeon family is going through and wish so much this news turned out to be a misreport. The exact cause of death of Jeon Tae Soo after being found deceased in his apartment will likely not be revealed to the public at the behest of the family, who have asked for the media and netizens to not speculate. I like to remember this young man for his mark on K-ent, the dramas he did and of course the fans he had. He didn’t act since 2013 but was active on Instagram and that’s where his fans kept up with his. His most recent posts were one of him with a sunlit background, and one where he posted of the marina saying he would be right back. Other recent posts show him with a towel around his neck likely from working out. His famous older sister Ha Ji Won has cancelled all her scheduled events and the family asks for space to grieve privately, with the funeral to be a closed to the public affair. Continue reading