Ji Hyun Woo and Kim So Eun Both Disdain Romance in First Teasers for K-drama Love is Annoying, But I Hate Being Lonely

I think good things only come with hard work, and that includes romance/life partnership/marriage. It’s not supposed to be easy and that shouldn’t be reason enough to eschew it, especially if the fall back option is being lonely potentially for life. That point of view will be explored in the upcoming MBC Every1 drama Love is Annoying, But I Hate Being Lonely with Ji Hyun Woo and Kim So Eun. The first teasers are out and his is more manboy avoiding commitment and hassle while she’s got three hotties around her and actively walks away from each. She’s got quite the willpower lol.

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Ji Hyun Woo and Lee Shi Young Generate Comedic Sparks in MBC Mon-Tues Drama Risky Romance

All I know about upcoming summer MBC Mon-Tues drama Risky Romance (Life-and-death Romance) is that it’s set in a hospital about the falling in love of a prickly surgeon and an emotional endocrinologist. That’s as broad strokes as legal dramas … Continue reading