Ji Hyun Woo and Rookie Leading Lady Park Se Hee to Headline Next KBS Weekend Drama Gentleman and Young Lady

I’ve heard mixed things about KBS weekend drama Revolutionary Sisters so much that my love for Kim Young Nam is still not enough to venture into it (yet). Something about highly unpleasant personalities for the three female leads which sometimes is done on purpose to then later show growth. The network has assembled the leads for the next weekend drama to take over in September and Gentleman and Young Lady is described as a sweet warm tale. Ji Hyun Woo plays a widower with three young children still mourning his wife, he hires a bright happy personality new nanny/tutor for his kids and the two fall in love. This drama casting got a lot of news recently for the selection of rookie actress Park Se Hee as the female lead, she’s been in other dramas but in small roles, and her casting here came after a 500 actress audition. Directing is a daily drama veteran who directed Man in a Veil, Dal Soon’s Spring, and Love to the End with the script from the writer of My One and Only, Rosy Lovers, Here Comes Oh Ja Ryong, and Blow Breeze.

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Collection of the Tallest K-actors in 2020 for Your Viewing Pleasure

I’ve watched K-dramas for so many years I’m almost inured to how insanely good looking the actors are and many who have equal talent to boot as well. Recently two dramas had me doing double takes and marveling at how … Continue reading

Ji Hyun Woo and Kim So Eun Both Disdain Romance in First Teasers for K-drama Love is Annoying, But I Hate Being Lonely

I think good things only come with hard work, and that includes romance/life partnership/marriage. It’s not supposed to be easy and that shouldn’t be reason enough to eschew it, especially if the fall back option is being lonely potentially for … Continue reading

Ji Hyun Woo and Lee Shi Young Generate Comedic Sparks in MBC Mon-Tues Drama Risky Romance

All I know about upcoming summer MBC Mon-Tues drama Risky Romance (Life-and-death Romance) is that it’s set in a hospital about the falling in love of a prickly surgeon and an emotional endocrinologist. That’s as broad strokes as legal dramas … Continue reading