KBS Sageuk River Where the Moon Rises Releases Teaser Poster and New Striking Action Stills

I hope the production has enough footage in the bank when KBS sageuk River Where the Moon Rises premieres next month in February because I can see delays due to COVID-19, the winter weather, lunar new year and the like for a drama that is large in scale and requires a lot more prep. I’m so excited this drama is right around the corner and the production is doing a great job of doling out intriguing snippets. The latest is the teaser poster above, a moody image of princess warrior Kim So Hyun sitting on her horse shot against the near dark sky, with male lead Ji Soo‘s profile face overlayed above her in the clouds and facing the opposite direction. There are also two stills, one with Kang Ha Neul in mid sword slash and the other a rainy night silhouette of Kim So Hyun. All in all, quite nicely done artistic visuals.

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KBS Releases Second Teaser and Stills of Kim So Hyun and Ji Soo at Script Reading for Sageuk Drama River Where the Moon Rises

Okay, the two cuties are just wayyyyy too cute, I think I may be able to watch this drama regardless of whether it’s written or directed well. The combo of Kim So Hyun‘s cool perfection and Ji Soo‘s hotheaded earnestness … Continue reading

First Exciting Teasers are Out for 2021 Sageuks River Where the Moon Rises with Kim So Hyun and Ji Soo and Hong Chun Gi with Kim Yoo Jung and Ahn Hyo Seob

Okay, if anyone puts down one drama at the expense of the other just to troll shit up then imma yeet you right out of the comments section, m’kay? The production teams are good to drama fans to finish up … Continue reading

First Official Stills from Sageuk Drama Moon Rising Over the River with Kim So Hyun and Ji Soo

Kyaaaaaa, I’m so excited, the drama still drop was so unexpected and looks sooooo pretty! The first official stills are out for early 2021 sageuk drama Moon Rising Over the River, re-telling the folk tale of Ondal the fool and … Continue reading

Sageuk Moon Rising Over the River Confirms Cast of Kim So Hyun, Ji Soo, Lee Ji Hoon, and Choi Yu Hwa with Guest Appearance by Kang Ha Neul

This is going to be a large scale sageuk so it’s reassuring to have the main cast confirmed this year. The drama Moon Rising Over the River has settled on it’s main cast and one high profile special appearance. Ji … Continue reading

Things are Pretty Awkward in New Stills and Teaser for When I Was Most Beautiful as Im Soo Hyang Wins the Hearts Brotherly Affections of Ji Soo and Ha Suk Jin

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Second Official Poster for When I Was Most Beautiful with Im Soo Hyang, Ha Suk Jin, and Ji Soo Now Switches Favor of One Brother Over the Other

Hhhmmm, interesting of the production for upcoming melodrama When I Was Most Beautiful to keep viewers on their toes over which brother leading lady Im Soo Hyang will end up with. From the first poster she’s all Ghost pottery making … Continue reading

So Many Throwbacks in Poster and Teaser for MBC Melo Romance When I was Most Beautiful with Im Soo Hyang, Ji Soo, and Ha Suk Jin

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