C-netizens Pity Cuckholded Jia Nai Liang for Being a Fool in Love with Cheating Wife Li Xiao Lu

The current cheating scandal in C-ent with married Li Xiao Lu hooking up with rising young rapper PG One is really one for the books on how blatant it is. C-ent is firmly 100% on the side of cuckholded husband Jia Nai Liang, but then also rather pitying him for getting himself into this situation in the first place. Turns out Li Xiao Lu appears to never really want to be him anyways whereas he was crazy madly in love with her. He proposed publicly on stage at an event, and she was apparently reluctant to go on stage when she saw he was about to propose.

When asked later she said she picked him because her parents like him. He loves her so much that he got ten earrings because he knows she likes guys with earrings. Since getting married, he has done ALL the cooking, cleaning, and child rearing so she never has to do any housework. Once he visited her on set and it was raining so he carried her so she didn’t have to get her feet wet. When she comes home tired he brings out a bucket of hot water to soak her feet. Li Xiao Lu clearly has a type and it’s “rapper”, having dated Han Geng before she married Jia Nai Liang, and reportedly hit on Kris many times, so C-netizens are basically calling Jia Nai Liang a poor fool in love who had this coming. Continue reading

C-stars Out in Glamorous Force at the 2017 Chinese Drama Awards

It’s the annual Chinese Drama Awards in Beijing and this year’s gala including plenty of popular and familiar faces of C-ent. 2016 was a decent year for C-dramas though nothing hooked me quite like Nirvana in Fire did in 2015 … Continue reading

Chinese and Korean Stars Descend on the 2015 Bazaar Star Charity Night in Beijing

There was plenty of glitter across both sides of the strait this past week – Taiwan held its highest television honors with the Golden Bell Awards while the popular Chinese and Korean stars alighted for the Bazaar Star Charity Night in Beijing. I … Continue reading

Tong Hua Supervises the Script for New Military Academy C-drama Starring Chen Qiao En

After the smackdown C-writer Tong Hua delivered to sleazy idea-stealing C-producer Yu Zheng last summer over the concept of an early Republic era military academy drama, both sides simmered down and I didn’t hear anything else about it. That’s why … Continue reading

Drama Adaptation of Tong Hua’s Best Time with Janine Chang and Wallace Chung to Air Next Week

This drama has been done filming since last year and I dang forgot it hasn’t aired until now. I rather like letting upcoming dramas slip since I’m not anxiously waiting for it. The modern Tong Hua novel Secrets Hidden in … Continue reading

Drama Adaptation of Tong Hua Novel Best Time with Wallace Chung and Janine Chang to Premiere in Early January

Despite starting filming after the drama adaptation of Da Mo Yao (Ballad of the Desert), the other Tong Hua novel Secrets Hidden in Time will hit the small screen next month in early January 2013 as the drama Best Time … Continue reading

Fans to Vote for Ending to Drama Adaptation of Secrets Hidden in Time

Hurray for fervent prayers being answered! The cast of Best Time (the drama title for the adaptation of Tong Hua’s modern novel Secrets Hidden in Time has been changed to 最美的时光) held an open media day recently and tons of goodies … Continue reading