FNC Announces AOA’s Leader Jimin is Leaving Group and Industry after Former Member Mina Alleges Decade Long Bullying From Her

The consequences are swift with this latest scandal in K-ent and hopefully the victim can start recovering and the alleged abuser can learn to be a better person going forward. FNC Entertainment announced today that AOA leader Jimin (Shin Ji Min) will be leaving the group and also leaving the entertainment industry as a whole. This comes two days after former member Mina (Kwon Min Ah) posted a series of public SNS posts alleging a decades long behavior of bullying from Jimin towards her (and only her apparently) which led to Mina suffering depression, attempted suicides, and ultimately the reason for why she left AOA last year despite loving being an idol and performing music. Jimin and the rest of AOA went to see Mina in person the night after she went public but Mina has said Jimin started off by angrily asking for a knife and threatening to kill herself as penance before ultimately apologizing, but Mina never felt the apology was sincere and still is in a lot of emotional distress. Ongoing bullying is the pain of thousands of small cuts so the healing is quite an arduous journey. I hope Mina can find happiness and comfort one day fully and not let this experience weigh her down for the rest of her life.

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