Crystal Liu, Jimmy Lin, and Liu Tao Reunite from the Classic 2003 Version of Demi-gods and Semi-devils

Now this is how to do nostalgia right, and with triple the eye candy to boot! Crystal Liu posted a reunion picture on her SNS this weekend that has all wuxia fans buzzing – she attended a dinner with the production of the 2003 C-drama adaptation of Demi-gods and Semi-devils and afterwards playfully did a martial arts pose with her two famous costars Jimmy Lin and Liu Tao, which effectively shows how much they have not aged one whit.

Whatever they are eating/drinking/doing, I want the secret sauce please, because these three haven’t changed in thirteen years. And for Crystal she’s actually gotten even more beautiful, as if that’s even possible since the days she played the two most beautiful female characters in Louis Cha novels – Wang Yu Yan in Demi-gods and Xiaolongnu in Return of the Condor Heroes. Seeing these three together makes me miss even more the days when there were good LC drama adaptations. Continue reading

Popular Star Couple Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi Lead the Pack at the Sina Weibo Awards

Last week was the first ever Sina hosted Weibo Night 2013 to hand out awards to C-celebrities who have lit up China’s most popular online social networking service akin to a combination Facebook and Twitter. Even among a bevy of … Continue reading

Apple Daily Ranks the Top Ten Money Making TW-actors in 2011

Apple Daily released its list of the top ten money-making Taiwanese entertainers in 2011, five from each gender. The results are interesting purely from a curiosity perspective, since how much I like an actress or actor has no correlation to … Continue reading