Ha Ji Won, Jung Woo Sung, and Lee Min Ho Lead Star Studded Attendance at VIP Movie Premiere of Operation Chromite

It’ll be patriotism against zombies when big budget historical war movie Operation Chromite (Battle of Inchon) arrives in theaters later this week. Train-based undead action flick Train to Busan is breaking all box offices in Korean theaters since it’s wide release last week, hitting that sweet spot of fun pop corn flick with incisive social commentary. Operation Chromite will likely appeal to the Korean allegiance to its battle scars and victories, in this case the Korean War version of the Battle of Normandy with a huge amphibious landing and tide changing battle victory. Starring Liam Neeson as General Douglas MacArthur, the movie headlines dual veterans Lee Jung Jae and Lee Bum Soo to bring the smexy gravitas, and hilariously Jin Se Yeon to do whatever it is that is her thing. The star power is certainly huge within the movie which explains the big name attendance at the VIP movie premiere Monday night, with Ha Ji Won rocking the blue one arm top, and Lee Min Ho, Jung Woo Sung, and Kwon Sang Woo all going dude summer comfy casual. Continue reading

Jo In Sung Wins the Daesang at the 2014 APAN Star Awards

I posted two weeks ago about the nominees for the 2014 APAN Star Awards and how some choices were pretty legit while others strangely unfathomable. Pretty much the usual when it comes to acting awards in Korean drama entertainment. Last … Continue reading

The Good and Weird Drama Acting Nominations from the 2014 APAN Star Awards

The nominees are out for the 2014 APAN Star Awards, yet another glittery awards ceremony and this one in particular is a recent new arrival on the awards scene in the last few years. It’s connected to the Daejeon Drama Festival … Continue reading

Spoilers for Hilarious Repackaging as Additional Filming Starts for the C-movie Version of Dr. Stranger

Now that the torrents of frustration and/or vitriol towards Dr. Stranger has been unleashed, I’m rather curious to hear from folks who actually enjoyed the drama. I honestly have no jeers for anyone who liked it, the enjoyment of media … Continue reading