Baek Jin Hee and Sung Hyuk Headline Next MBC Weekend Drama I! Am Geum Sa Wol

Casting is firming up for the next MBC weekend drama to follow the currently airing Flower of the Queen (Equator’s Flower), which has just turned the corner into the second half of its 50-episode run so it’s perfect timing to start prepping the next thing. The ratings are a tad disappointing for Flower, averaging in the mid-teens, when its predecessor Legendary Witch averaged in the 20s. MBC is bringing back a big gun with the next weekend drama which will be written by the screenwriter of the network’s recent big hit Come! Jang Bori.

The new drama even is tentatively titled I! Am Geum Sa Wol, with the exclamation point after I clearly intentional. Baek Jin Hee has already confirmed her headlining role as the titular Geum Sa Wol, a role she took right after dropping her participation in upcoming SBS sageuk Six Dragons Flying. Joining Baek Jin Hee as her leading man is actor Sung Hyuk, who I last watched in Bride of the Century but is clearly getting a bump up here after being the second male lead for this screenwriter in Come! Jang Bori. Continue reading