SBS Weekend Drama About Her with Nam Sang Mi, Kim Jae Won, and Jo Hyun Jae Round Out Decent Supporting Cast

The moving parts that went into assembling the next SBS weekend drama unexpectedly rounded up not just leads I like but a supporting cast that’s also quite solid. Currently SBS drama Secret Mother is piling on the lies, makjang, and conflict, but once it wraps the next drama About Her will pull a plastic surgery and memory loss double whammy on the leading lady played by Nam Sang Mi. I like her so much it makes the double makjang palatable, plus her two leading men Kim Jae Won and Jo Hyun Jae sweeten the need to watch pot. The supporting cast just added Yang Jin Sung, Jinwoon, newbie Kang Hoon and perennially supporting female actress Han Eun Jung who I recognize by sight for her works if not by name. It’s funny that all three leads are married in real life and now solidly in the weekend drama territory, nothing wrong with that but it marks yet another reminder of how time flies and once each were headlining high profile weekday dramas. Continue reading

First Fortune Telling Themed Character Posters for Madame Antoine with Sung Joon and Han Ye Seul

The just released character posters for upcoming jTBC romance Madame Antoine work for me so much I’m a little surprised since the drama wasn’t on my radar too much initially. Leads Han Ye Seul and Sung Joon theoretically make a … Continue reading

Cosmo Korea Rounds Up 13 Rising Male Stars To Discuss Love and Dating

Sometimes fashion magazines send famous stars to far flung places for a photo shoot, spending lots of travel moolah but forgetting to actually incorporate the pretty location into the pictures. Cosmopolitan Korea decided to focus on the flower and not … Continue reading