Jisoo and Jung Hae In Snapping Pics of Each Other on a Rooftop is the Cutest Thing in Snowdrop So Far

Man, I like just one thing about Snowdrop and it’s probably the least likely to happen thing, which is the OTP having a happy ending. It’s a turd bucket of a drama in terms of set up and story line and characterization but after watching the first half the two leads Jung Hae In and Jisoo are actually quite cute together. Cut aside her acting rawness and enunciation problems, both of which can be fixed with acting and voice lessons, she radiates this natural beauty girl-next-door aura that normally K-netizens love. It’s the same vibe Suzy gives off which accounts for her decade long success in K-ent. If Jisoo did a school drama as her first acting attempt it would have been perfect but casting her in the ambitious and controversial Snowdrop did her no favors. I actually like her more for her moxie in the drama and her chemistry with Jung Hae In, and seeing these two in this week’s BTS pictures they shared shows me there was actually a good reason for their casting but probably just wrong drama. They are adorbs taking pictures of each other on the rooftop in character.

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K-ent Reporter Writes Article Directly Criticizing Jisoo in Snowdrop and Kim Yo Han in School 2021 for Validating Why Its Not Good to Cast New Idol-Actors in Lead Roles Right Off the Bat

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jTBC Drama Snowdrop Controversy Appears to be Petering Out with K-netizens as the Series Starts to Gain Traction on Disney+ with Asian Viewers

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Beleaguered jTBC Drama Snowdrop Ratings Fall to 1% Range in Episodes 3-4 as Acting Criticism of Female Lead Jisoo Rises

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jTBC Issues Statement Saying Allegations of Distortion of History are Not True in the Plot and Further Episodes Will Clarify It and Vows Not to Cancel the Drama

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Newly Premiered jTBC Period Romance Drama Snowdrop Brings in 2.985%, 3.845% Ratings for First Two Episodes as Controversy Rages Over Distortion of History

I get the request from the production of jTBC drama Snowdrop to have viewers wait and watch the actual drama before demanding it be cancelled and accusing it of distorting important South Korea history. That’s a reasonable request. But now … Continue reading

Blue House Petition to Cancel jTBC Drama Snowdrop Gets 200K Signatures in 24 Hours After First Episode Airs, Drama Loses Three CF Sponsors as Well

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jTBC Turns off Talk Feature on the Snowdrop Naver Page, Does Not Provide Live Streaming of Clips, Can Only Watch Live Broadcast on TV or Later on Disney+

K-netizens are understandably side-eyeing jTBC for the efforts its making to shield Sat-Sun drama Snowdrop from any post-airing controversy or negative commentary. For the first time ever, the talk (chat group) feature on the drama’s Naver page has been de-activated … Continue reading

Jung Hae In and Jisoo Attend Press Conference for jTBC Sat-Sun Drama Snowdrop Ahead of December 18th Premiere

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jTBC Drama Snowdrop with Jung Hae In and Jisoo Finally Shows Hand in Revealing the Politically Tumultuous 1980’s Era College Backdrop in New Preview

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New Teaser for jTBC Period Drama Snowdrop Elicits Criticism of Female Lead Jisoo’s Dialogue Reading and Schizo Narrative Tonal Shift

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