Top Actor Jo Seung Woo Revealed to Have Adopted Dog From Shelter Who Was Scheduled to be Euthanized After Not Being Adopted Earlier

This is like too sweet and heartbreaking of a story not to share, thankfully it has a happy ending. With COVID-19 lockdowns one side effect is the explosion of pet ownership as people look for companion and have more time at home to take care of a pet. Shelters are reportedly emptying out in the US and that’s great, but I do worry about post-COVID and some people giving up those pets again but that’s another issue. I am a legit crazy dog mom, even the Koala Teens think their little fur brother is getting all my love and attention but I tell them it’s because their little fatty ferret is just a baby and needs his mom more right now whereas they are teens that call the Ipad and Iphone their best friend and companion lol.

So when I came across a picture of the furry derp above with his story I was soooooo happy! The dog above was at a shelter in Goseong, South Korea and along with other dogs at the shelter the volunteers would post cute pictures to encourage his selection to be adopted. Sadly no one ever adopted him so due to shelter policy he was scheduled to be put down on January 18th. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! The shelter put out a final pleading and days later shared that the happy goofy loving pooch had been adopted! And his new dad is none other than top actor Jo Seung Woo! Talking about nearly falling over the cliff only to find out he’s living in a castle for life heh. Congrats to Jo Seung Woo for being a new dog dad, makes me even more impressed with his character and person.

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