tVN K-drama Happiness with Han Hyo Joo and Park Hyung Sik Release New Poster and First Ominous Trailer

Most K-dramas telegraph with giant neon blinking lights what it’s genre and concept is, so it’s a refreshing and kinda nervous approach I see with upcoming tvN drama Happiness. With such a title it screams bright and happy human drama type but alas it’s anything but. The story is set in a modern high rise residential building where the two leads Park Hyung Sik and Han Hyo Joo live. Both are police officers and get to use their detective and survival skills when a disease starts to spread, and honestly they are better off calling it a zombie drama off the bat. Jo Woo Jin is the head of the health department who plays a big role in the outbreak. The second poster above is nicely framing the three leads through the window into the apartment high rise, and the very first preview below is fantastic and brings the slow rolling fog of doom blanketing this drama world.

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Hyun Bin, Kim Hee Ae, and Kim Seo Hyung Among the Next Release Batch in the Korean Actors 200 List

The release continues for the K-actor 200 list, the 5th release with the second half of the compilation left to come. It’s always interesting to see the cool collection in each release and this one has plenty of diversity and … Continue reading