Suzy and Top TW-stars Attend Christian Dior Flagship Opening in Taipei

A new flagship store for a major fashion couture house is sure to get the stars in attendance and there were plenty of Taiwan entertainers at hand for the grand opening of the new Christian Dior boutique in Taipei. But it was Korean actress-singer Suzy that stole the limelight, proving yet again how big Hallyu is and how popular she is personally. Her Dior outfit of t-shirt and bicycle shorts with a black gauzy skirt combo was youthful enough to pull off but nothing to write home about especially at whatever exorbitant prices Dior charges for that. I still loathe the socks and high heel pumps look that some stars don in recent years, it’s just the fashion pits no matter how some folks try to claim it’s hipster chic. The local Taiwan stars were more formally dressed but not a single outfit really stood out. Continue reading

Chen Qiao En is the Top Taiwan Star Earner Working in Mainland China Followed by Nicky Wu and Bolin Chen

K-drama fans in the last year must’ve truly understood first hand the acquisition power of Mainland China in dictating the entertainment outputs of some of it’s neighbors. Folks in Taiwan have known that for decades but it’s taken an unofficial … Continue reading

Top Stars Attend Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao’s Beijing Wedding

The Beijing wedding of C-actor Chen Xiao to TW-actress Michelle Chen was indeed as star-studded as fans expected considering how well liked and sociable the newlyweds are in the Chinese-speaking entertainment industry. Closest friends like Joe Cheng and Wilbur Pan … Continue reading

Romance C-movie The Beloved with Joe Cheng, Kim Bum, and Wang Li Kun Premieres at BJIFF

It’s nearly premiere time for romance C-movie The Beloved (Chinese title 重生爱人 means Reborn Lover). Starring C-actress Wang Li Kun, K-actor Kim Bum, and TW-actor Joe Cheng, this movie collected main leads with different ethnicity while sharing the same incredible good … Continue reading

Song Hye Kyo and Chen Qiao En Lead the Sprawling Cast for C-movie The Queens

There’s a new female-centric modern romance C-movie coming out called The Queens that is basically yet another girl power messy love relationships splashy offering. The Queens only came to my attention for the sprawling cast half of whom are actors … Continue reading

The Best of TW Acting Talent on Display at the Gorgeous 49th Annual Golden Bell Awards

The 49th Annual Golden Bell Awards totally snuck up on me when it flooded all the TW-ent media portals this weekend with picspam galore. The TW-version of the Emmy’s celebrated the great television programs and performances of 2014 and most of the … Continue reading