Another Top Star A Also Threatened by Same Hacker Who Released Joo Jin Ho Texts

Get ready for the second wave to come of likely more depressing reveals about another K-star. K-ent is reporting that a Top Star A is also among the stars hacked by the recent blackmailer of Joo Jin Mo, whose texts with Jang Dong Gun from 2013 were released after he refused to pay up. Good for him, bad for his public image. Now there is specific details about Top Star A who also had his phone hacked and is reportedly an A-list star who had a move come out last month in December 2019 and also has a movie coming out in 2020. That narrows the list of course and netizens all think it’s either Ha Jung Woo or Lee Byung Hun, who starred in action disaster film Ashfall (Baekdusan) together which was released during the holiday season last month, and each has a movie coming out this year. Those texts are apparently salacious conversations with a female star. I don’t think anyone would blink an eye if it turns out to be Lee Byung Hun who has maintained his movie star box office ability despite Santa-gate, and also has proven he refuses to be blackmailed. If it’s Ha Jung Woo, then…..le sigh. Continue reading

Attendees at VIP Movie Premiere of Battleship Island Reach Stratospheric Levels of Star Gazing

There may be a new standard in quality and quantity of star attendees to the VIP movie premiere of period war escape movie Battleship Island. I saw one of my faves Yoo Seung Ho trading his ruler period garb for … Continue reading

MBC Schedules Choi Ji Woo and Joo Jin Mo Drama Woman with a Suitcase on Mon-Tues After Monster

Veteran K-actress Choi Ji Woo is no stranger to suitcases, adorably packing for her trip on variety show Grandpas Over Flowers two years ago, and last year packed up metaphorically to go back to her college days with Second Time Twenty … Continue reading