Alice Steps Over the 10% Ratings Mark in Episode 4 as Leads Delve Deeper into the Time Travelers Mystery

I’m so glad to see more viewers getting into SBS Fri-Sat drama Alice, though the downside is enduring the weekly wait with us all now. This weekend’s episode 3-4 continued the great starting momentum of the opening two episodes and dropped enough new information to keep me content. Joo Won‘s Jin Gyeom is my favorite character (he’s the proxy for us viewers) and his performance is so perfect and nuanced it’s like he went to the army and lost the tendency to overact. Kim Hee Sun is overly animated as 2020 professor Tae Yi, but we’ve all seen her become kickass 2050 Tae Yi and then maternal sacrificing 1992 Sun Young so I’ll cut her some slack. I’m dying for Min Hyuk to learn that he’s been lied to this whole time, that Tae Yi isn’t married someone and their kid didn’t die and is now grown up Jin Gyeom. The time travel does have parallel worlds here as well, time travelers doing something in the past doesn’t change their present, it just creates a new different time line, ad infinitum. Ratings for episode 3 was 7.2%, 8.4% and episode 4 got 8.7%, 10.6%, if it holds steady SBS will be relieved for sure.

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Who Are K-dramas Best Ugly Criers – Past, Present, and Future

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