Joo Won and Lee Sung Jae Start Filming for Netflix Movie Carter Based on a Special Agent with Memory Loss Going on the Run

I wonder if I lived too long to see a concept and immediate associate with it something very similar. Netflix has started filming for its original programming K-movie Carter starring Joo Won and Lee Sung Jae. The story is about a special agent who awakens from a slumber with all his memories lost, and get thrown into a suspicious mission and the ensuing chase and kill action thriller that ensues. If I may suggest everyone watch the still watchable original The Bourne Identity, cuz maybe it’s been done already. Of course I’m sure there are differences and this drama is specifically set in the Korean peninsula, i.e. involves North and South Korea politics. Not to mention Joo Woo is oh so perfect as an action star, combining ability to act with great physical believability in the fight scenes. Directing is the PD behind the movies The Villainess and Afterburn and the movie is slated for a 2022 release.

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Namgong Min Wins First Daesang at the 2020 SBS Drama Awards for Stove League

The 2020 SBS Drama Awards are in the bag and boy was it a stuffed bag. The stars didn’t do the red carpet, only hosts Kim Yoo Jung and Shin Dong Yeop was masked and met the media. The attendees … Continue reading

Episode 13 of Alice Turns into Ouroboros and Fails to Deliver Clarity or Catharsis With Lots of Talking But Lack of Important Information Shared

SBS Fri-Sat drama Alice would have benefited so much from airing on OCN and being a tight 12-episodes like Train. I’m making this conclusion even though it’s not finished yet because the last few episodes have felt like much ado … Continue reading

Kim Soo Hyun Posts New SNS Picture and Netizens Swoon Over His Small Face and Other Top Actors With Such Facial Proportions

Until I watched K-dramas I never realized an entire population would be captivated by a physical trait known as “small face”. Like, what? Years later it’s clear that having a small face remains frequently used in netizen comments and even … Continue reading