Look Back at the Donga News Ranking of the Top Ten K-drama Stars of 2010

I can’t believe we’re barreling towards the end of 2011 already. Boggles the mind really. I realize the K-drama year is also wrapping to a close with only a handful of dramas remaining to premiere this year. At which time the Korean media will want to assess the hits and misses. Until then, I thought it fitting to dig up 2010’s list of drama winners just for context sake.

Donga news ranked the top ten K-drama stars based on it’s criteria of ratings, performance, and critical reception. Donga will surely be doing the same thing in 2011, and I’ve already got an inkling who will end up on the list. Last year had way more hit dramas, and the top of the list shakes out at (1) Jang Hyuk, (2) Kwon Sang Woo, (3) Hyun Bin, (4) Moon Geun Young, and (5) Jung Bo Seok. Read on for the rest. Continue reading