jTBC Releases New Statement Denying Snowdrop is Pro-Conservative Regime Crackdown on Student Democracy Protests of 1987, Says its About Election But Will Change Female Lead’s Name

jTBC is on the defensive but not backing down to the netizen furor over its upcoming drama Snowdrop, which let us all agree on hasn’t aired yet so what the drama is fully about no one knows other than the production. After Joseon Exorcist was excoriated for demeaning King Taejong by fictionally portraying him as slaughtering citizens after hallucinating they were all zombies and also for using Chinese food and clothing style props in Joseon Korea, the netizen mob have targeted Snowdrop with complaints and a Blue House petition to make sure it doesn’t air. The complaints are: (1) Jung Hae In’s character is reportedly a real spy who is first seen as a university student in the drama and that’s problematic because during the student protests in the late 80’s the government crackdown on the student activists was predicated on the claim that the protests were infiltrated by North Korean spies pushing the movement to destabilize the government, (2) Jisoo’s female lead character Young Cho is too similar a name and must be based on real student protester Chun Young Cho who was tortured by the government as a student protester and whose husband was accused of being a spy and died during his imprisonment by the government, and (3) the drama has Young Cho in a love triangle with the spy male lead and the second male lead who is a government security agency agent and that’s also problematic since all those agents did was falsely accuse, torture, and imprison student activists at the behest of the government. All of this has been gleaned from the short synopsis alone. jTBC responded that the drama is a black comedy, satire, romance and is NOT about the student democracy movement and will instead cover the election of that year. It will not promote the government position on the protests or demean the memory of the student activists, but just to err on the side of caution the drama will now change the name of Jisoo’s female lead so she’s not sharing the same name as a real student activist. I’m still 50/50 on whether this drama will end up airing, it depends on how much the netizens will continue to insist their perception of what the drama will be about is right and force jTBC to cancel it prior airing.

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