Manhole’s Episode 4 Drops to 2.0% and Enters Top Three Lowest Rated Prime Time Ratings of Last Two Decades

If something doesn’t succeed then sucking so badly as to enter infamy may be a viable alternative to paddling in the middling center of mediocrity. Recently premiered Wed-Thurs KBS drama Manhole (Wonderland’s Feel or Feels So Good) is sliding into so bad it’s memorable for being that bad territory whether it was intentional or note, and frankly judging from the universal disdain and disappointment over this drama is hard to argue that a group of people got together and accidentally made something no one likes to this degree. The drama premiered at 3.1% ratings, dropped to 2.8% for the second episode, the third continued the trajectory landing at 2.2%, and now the fourth episode has the distinction of being the third lowest episode rating of a prime time drama since 2000 by taking in 2.0% AGB nationwide viewership. Continue reading

Hyun Bin, Kim Sun Ah, Cha Seung Won and More Attend VIP Movie Premiere for Luck-Key

The VIP movie premiere for the Yoo Hae Jin and Lee Joon identity swapping movie Luck-Key is a quite a treat for the adoring fans in attendance as many big names showed up. My favorite squee moment was seeing Kim … Continue reading

The Happy Playful Cast of Thriller Drama Remember Attend Press Conference

The press conference for Yoo Seung Ho‘s upcoming SBS drama Remember wasn’t nearly as cute-inducing as his press conference last week for MBC cable drama Imaginary Cat. But then again, Imaginary Cat trotted out a real life “I could give … Continue reading