Lee Joon to be Discharged From the Military and Takes Over Radio Show DJ Spot From Girlfriend Jung So Min

There’s two good news bundled into one announcement. K-actor Lee Joon will be discharged from the military and he’s still dating former costar Jung So Min. Woo hoo, the cuties didn’t fall victim to the dreaded army service breakup. Lee Joon’s first foray back to his entertainment career will be using his voice – he’s taking over as radio show Young Street DJ spot from Jung So Min once he’s back. That’s a cool gig and for listeners of the show a different change of tone with the DJ swap. I’m glad he served well, maintained his relationship, and is back in what feels like a blink of an eye with his service. Continue reading

tvN Drama Hundred Million Stars Falling From the Sky Captures Original J-dorama Moody Vibe

The tears in a melodrama can at times feel forced, or at least contrived due to a wholly unrealistic set of circumstances that all aggregate together to manufacture a tragedy. That’s the narrative premise behind upcoming tvN drama Hundred Million … Continue reading

The Leads Bring Their Melo A-game to Stylish Posters for Hundred Million Stars Falling From the Sky

K-ent loves to keep casting untried idols in dramas so it’s even more important to be reminded once in awhile of why having an established actor headline a drama at least guarantees tangible results. Case in point the just released … Continue reading