jTBC Schedules Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Yeon Hee Pre-filmed in France Drama The Package for October 2017

When I first heard of the upcoming jTBC drama The Package it didn’t raise any eyebrows on the title but now with the KBS drama Manhole I can’t help sniggering over the possibility of The Package encountering the Manhole. All juvenile jokes aside, The Package was pre-filmed overseas in France on an extensive location shoot that plays central to the entire drama narrative and even the drama title. The Package refers to a tour package, with Lee Yeon Hee playing a Korean tour guide in France who takes a group of South Korean tourists on a package tour, including male lead Jung Yong Hwa who is traveling after a recent breakup. The supporting cast will be all characters on the same package tour and their stories will all intertwine as the 12-episode drama showcases love and personal growth against the backdrop of picturesque France. The Package has just confirmed an airing date for this October on the Fri-Sat time slot after Age of Youth 2, which takes over soon when Woman of Dignity finishes its ratings breaking run. Continue reading

Elle Korea Highlights Four Sets of jTBC Upcoming Drama Leads in November Issue

Which of these four upcoming jTBC onscreen couplings are you looking forward to this most? For me it’s the Park-Park couple, as in Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Shik in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon airing in January 2017. Elle … Continue reading

Eric Comes Out on Top of Korean TV Critic Assessment of Recent Idol Acting Performances

This is a worth reading commentary from a veteran Korean television critic on the recent batch of idols acting in K-dramas. Published in entertainment news MBN, the critic rated the performances from the August-September dramas where veteran to newbie idol-actors … Continue reading

Three Musketeers Holds Bromance Press Conference and Releases Long Preview

Hot on the heels of cable network tvN announcing that it would hold its own year end awards, the network trotted out the cast of its upcoming sageuk Three Musketeers for the obligatory press conference. If this drama is as … Continue reading

Three Musketeers Rebounds With Better Graphic Design on Second Set of Posters and Character Stills

A second batch of official posters arrived this weekend for Three Musketeers and are significantly better than the pictures that appeared on the official website pages. Those looked like something produced in the basement by a bored and lazy first … Continue reading