K-actress Jung Yumi of Rooftof Prince and Partners for Justice Stuns Netizens with Striking New Look

All I ask of my actors/actress is that they be able to exercise their craft whether through visuals or physical expression but so often it comes up against the modern cheat sheet that is alterations. Whether someone went under the knife is for he/she to acknowledge and accept but as viewers we can only say someone looks the same or different. Some fans will chalk it up to growing pains or shedding baby fat, but at the end of the day it is what it is. And is someone looks super different it will garner commentary, and such is the case with 1984 born Jung Yumi, of Rooftop Prince and Partners for Justice fame rather than the 1983 Jung Yumi of Que Sera Sera and Discovery of Love fame. One of the two ought to have changed their name to a different stage name just to not be confused but I can’t say which one had more claim to fame. Alas but both continue to share the same name but 1984 Jung Yumi looks vastly different to previous self in ways hard to ignore. I hope she’s happy and I’ll do my best to acclimate to her new look.

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K-netizens Share More Great Future Pairings of Actor and Actress They Want to See Together in a Drama Including Park Bo Gum-Kim Ji Won, Park Seo Joon-Jung Yumi, and Kim Sun Ho-Seo Hyun Jin

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Whimsical Poster and New Stills for Netflix Fantasy Drama The School Nurse Files with Jung Yumi and Nam Joo Hyuk

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Ji Sung Wins the SBS Drama Awards Daesang for Defendant and Lights Up the Event with Wife Lee Bo Young

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