The Red Sleeve Cuff Releases New Poster of Junho and Lee Se Young in a Restrained Intimate Moment

There is a new poster and preview out for MBC sageuk The Red Sleeve Cuff that will join the other sageuks airing with SBS in Lovers of the Red Sky and KBS with The King’s Affection. It’s so rare these days to have the Big Three all have simultaneously airing sageuks which was more common a decade ago when there were generally more sageuks on screen. The Red Sleeve Cuff chronicles the relationship of King Jeongjo (Lee San) and Sung Uibin so it’s similar to Dong Yi in focusing on the personality and aspirations of a real life royal concubine. The new poster continues the restrained and very subtle romantic connection between leads Junho and Lee Se Young, but you can sense the emotion between them. This drama is based on a novel and the script is adapted by the screenwriter of Ruler: Master of the Mask and Gyebaek.

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