Three Real Kisses and One May K-drama Poll

My dearest drama friend Thundie, who always has the coolest and most creative posts, whispered to me yesterday that she was running a poll on the May K-dramas, asking folks what is their favorite, etc. I told her I’d make a post just to pimp her poll, so click here to vote away to your heart’s content. It looks like Best Love is leading the pack in all categories, except for one. Our Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye is already the runaway favorite in the OTP category.

Frankly I’m amazed, because LTM is getting little love elsewhere, so I’m pleased that even folks who don’t much like the drama acknowledge how undeniable the chemistry is between those two. Since I’m asking y’all to vote, which is like giving you homework, I’m tossing in a reward, if you will. Below the jump is the SBS released BTS of the Ice-cream kiss filming and additonal stills of the three kisses. Continue reading