Kai Tops Buzz Meter in Bizarre Gucci Couture Outfit at Fashion Show in France

Well done, Kai! High end couture is naturally rife with super weird creations and confections more for the artistry than wearability. EXO’s main dancer Kai is definitely savvy to generating buzz because he picked at outfit for this week’s Gucci resort collection show in France that is guaranteed to elicit commentary. He’s wearing a Gucci oversized plaid suit with old school tasseled loafers, a dorky albeit expensive outfit, but shot into buzzy stratosphere by adding the also Gucci produced headband with uneven fringes covering his eyes and framing his face. It’s like metrosexual Charlie Chaplin crossed with chain mail Cleopatra, so hideous yet theatrical enough for this media saturated event. Also good for a hearty chuckle. Continue reading