MBC Preempts Kairos Again this Monday Due to Baseball and Will Air Two Episodes 7-8 on Tuesday

I want to put MBC in the corner because they keep screwing the excellent Mon-Tues drama Kairos and thereby screwing themselves for ever trying to regain viewers. The network is preempting the show AGAIN this Monday, due to a baseball game, but will air two episodes tomorrow 7-8 rather than just one episode like they did the last two weeks. This does mean the drama will now end right before Christmas so please be my early present and keep this drama as tightly plotted and executed as its been so far. Also keep drop both second leads off a cliff by the end ok thanks!

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Excellent MBC Mon-Tues Drama Kairos is the Dark Horse Tightly Plotted Thriller Sliding Under the Radar

MBC has been bottom of the ratings barrel for so long that I’ve really stopped paying much attention to its ability to deliver dramas worth watching. Consider me even more impressed with recently premiered Mon-Tues drama Kairos, currently with 5-episodes … Continue reading