Jang Dong Yoon and Kam Woo Sang Try Their Darndest to Battle Zombies in New Stills and Preview for SBS Drama Joseon Exorcist

This week new K-dramas are piling on like zombies spotting a live human but after we get out from under the backlog there are still more premieres to come in early March. One that I am super looking forward to is Joseon Exorcist with Kam Woo Sung and Jang Dong Yoon, which everyone agrees is just the next chapter of what K-movie Rampant (Outbreak) and Netflix drama Kingdom (both seasons) have already covered, namely what would happen if there was a zombie outbreak in Joseon era. The answer is always – the peasants all get infected and turn, evil politicians try to use the zombies for their own means, and the heroes magically survive zombie attack time and again and then manage to find a cure or at least a stop gap measure. It’s not rocket science but I still enjoyed the two projects above and think there runway for Joseon Exorcist to do its own take. It looks way crazier than Kingdom based on the trailer and I’m curious how the virus spreads and what the attack plan is to contain it.

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Jang Dong Yoon, Kam Woo Sung, and Lee Yoo Bi Confirmed for Sageuk Joseon Exorcist with Park Sung Hoon Playing the Big Bad

Yay, a legit big budget action and palace intrigue saguek to look forward to in 2021, with a dash of fantasy. The casting for Joseon Exorcist has been firmed up and my #1 excitement is seeing Jang Dong Yoon return … Continue reading

Lee Yoo Bi in Talks for 2021 Sageuk Drama Joseon Exorcist with Male Leads Jang Dong Yoon and Kam Woo Sung

There’s a whole lot of new casting news around upcoming SBS K-drama Joseon Exorcist which had earlier confirmed male leads Jang Dong Yoon and Kam Woo Sung, with Park Sung Hoon as the third male lead. Lee Yoo Bi has … Continue reading

Yoo Dong Geun and Weekend Drama Marry Me Now Win Major Awards at 2018 Korean Drama Awards

The most exciting thing at the 2018 Korean Dramas Awards was how utterly lackluster it was. Other than veteran Yoo Dong Geun showing up to accept his Daesang and his weekend drama Marry Me Now winning Best Drama, it was … Continue reading

The 2018 Usual Drama Suspects Lead the Nominations for the 2018 Seoul Awards

I feel like I can start copying and pasting from my last two drama award nomination posts since it’s the same few drama names, actors, and actresses making the list. The 2nd annual Seoul Awards assembled by Sports Seoul released … Continue reading