Kim Soo Hyun Posts New SNS Picture and Netizens Swoon Over His Small Face and Other Top Actors With Such Facial Proportions

Until I watched K-dramas I never realized an entire population would be captivated by a physical trait known as “small face”. Like, what? Years later it’s clear that having a small face remains frequently used in netizen comments and even reporters writing about dramas and movies, that a particular lead is very handsome with his proportions and small face. This week K-actor Kim Soo Hyun who has been given the “perfect small face” description frequently in reviews of his performances posted a new SNS picture and I immediately went “oh he’s got such a small face!” OMG, I feel like I’m brainwashed lol, but there are are plenty of K-actors I love who aren’t known small facers. But among those small facers I also happen to love Park Bo Gum, Park Seo Joon, Joo Won, Park Hyung Sik, and Kang Dong Won though not because of their small face haha but because they are good actors. What about you guys?

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Gong Yoo Leads Off the 2018 January Movie Star Rankings Even Without an Acting Project in 2017

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Korean Women Polled Most Want to Spend Valentine’s Day With Gong Yoo Followed by Park Bo Gum and Song Joong Ki

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Korean Ladies Magazine Picks Top 10 Favorite K-actors as of March 2016

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