Kang Ha Neul Turns Down Sageuk Drama Cut to the Heart with Son Ye Jin Due to Conflict with Movie Filming Schedule

I thought this was a done deal but looks like Kang Ha Neul is juggling his full plate nicely without double booking. The award winning actor was offered the male lead in the 2021 scheduled sageuk Cut to the Heart with female lead Son Ye Jin which is about as high profile a pairing as you can get. Even the roles sound really perfect for each, she’s playing the ambitious Princess Pyeonggang who uses the love and devotion of the fool Ondal (of folklore) to help her win a kingdom. Sadly Kang Ha Neul will not be playing this iteration of Ondal as he’s turned down the role due to filming conflicting with his filming for a movie. Now it’s back to the drawing board for the production, and hopefully the male lead cast will be a great fit with Son Ye Jin when all is said and done.

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When the Camellia Blooms and Crash Landing on You Cast Takes Home Prizes at 2020 Seoul International Drama Awards

The 2020 Seoul International Drama Awards will take place remotely this year due to travel limitations. It’s the 14th year for this ceremony and it awards both Korean dramas and shows around the world. Focusing on the Korean drama winners, … Continue reading

When the Camellia Blooms Wins Best Drama at the 2020 Korean Broadcasting Awards and Kang Ha Neul Wins Actor Award

This year’s 2020 Korean Broadcasting Awards is actually the 47th annual so is quite a long running and established critical body. This year’s live ceremony will be cancelled due to COVID-19 but next week the winners will record their acceptance … Continue reading

Netizens Have Fun with Top K-ent Actors and Idols with Face Swap App Turning into Beautiful Women

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K-netizens Cast Votes for Their Pick for 2020 Lead Acting Drama Baeksang with Hyun Bin as Best Actor and Kim Hee Ae as Best Actress

The Baeksang Awards doesn’t have a popularity award and for the most part it’s stayed relatively true to its determination of merit over buzz despite nearly all Korean entertainment awards devolving into a popularity contest to draw in viewers. It’s … Continue reading

2020 Baeksang Award Nominations Out and Popular Dramas Crash Landing on You, The World of the Married, and When the Camellia Blooms Lead Drama Side

The 2020 Baeksang Awards held on June 5, 2020 will take place without an audience for the first time in its history but at least it will take place and be broadcast. The nominations were released today on May 8th … Continue reading