Kang Min Hyuk to Return From Military Service as Actor in Kakao Drama Not Used to Thirty Yet

With the fate of his band CNBLUE up in the air due to recent scandals, Kang Min Hyuk returned from two years in the military this past March 2020 and will look in the other avenue of his career prospects. He is reportedly going to star in the Kakao streaming drama Not Used to Thirty Yet and OMG that’s such a prescient title. When I turned 30 it was like the weirdest thing ever, feeling old(er) for the first time yet emotionally still so young. I feel like people don’t fully mature until their forties even. I really liked Kang Min Hyuk as an actor, he’s easy to watch with a mellow warmth though he’s yet to impress me with any one role. If he does want to focus on acting now then he’ll have to start back up and build his roles through challenging himself.

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