KBS Starts Prepping for Sageuk Drama Thinking of the Moon When the Flowers Bloom with Yoo Seung Ho, Hyeri, and Kang Mina

The rumored casting of Yoo Seung Ho and Hyeri in an upcoming sageuk is going forward with KBS starting to gather cast and crew to start filming in May. The drama is called Thinking of the Moon When the Flowers Bloom and is set in the late Joseon era during the strongest prohibition period. The female lead is a down trodden scrappy noblewoman who does multiple jobs to support her family and decides to sell moonshine. The male lead is from the Office of the Inspector General who wants to make a name for himself in the capital to bring back his family’s status. And rounding out the love triangle is the crown prince who sneaks out of the palace to secretly drinking in the city. In addition to Yoo Seung Ho and Hyeri, Kang Mina is also signed on as the second female lead. The drama will be from the PD of Doctor Prisoner and scheduled for airing in the second half of 2021.

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Drama Preview for Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter Starts Fairy Search for Reincarnated Husband

The search is on in Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter as the goddess stranded on earth looks for her reincarnated husband and gets two handsome modern hotties to choose from. The fantasy romance tvN drama released the first substantive preview … Continue reading