Joo Won, Im Shi Wan, Ji Chang Wook, and Kang Ha Neul Sing the National Anthem for Korean Memorial Day

It may not be New York during Fleet Week but for K-ent fans this is pretty on point with four top stars looking mighty fine and showcasing their talents during military service. June 6th is Korean Memorial Day and at the 63rd celebration the army trotted out corporals Joo Won and Im Shi Wan along with private first class Ji Chang Wook and Kang Na Neul to collectively sing the Korean national anthem. They sang solo for the first four verses and then were joined by a orchestral choir as the attendees also loudly sang along to the patriotic hymn. It’s fantastic to see the four talented actors and singers performing with such solemnity and spirit, not to mention the general squee factor of seeing them looking so smart in their army uniforms. Continue reading