Kang Sora Ties the Knot this Weekend While Changmin Postpones His Next Weekend Scheduled Wedding

There won’t be a return to normal for a long long time, and even the new normal keeps getting changed and disrupted as the COVID-19 pandemic continues on with waxing and waning. This past weekend K-actress Kang Sora went ahead with her small family and close friends private wedding to her non-celebrity fiancee, who neighbors of the family say is a good looking doctor of oriental medicine. Wow, so she married her very own Yoon Pil Joo! Fans of Best Love will get that reference heh. Conversely singer-actor Changmin of DBSK will be postponing his upcoming ceremony scheduled for next weekend to his non-celeb fiancee, to be rescheduled for a yet to be determined later date. I think weddings are fine to have but wouldn’t wait to start a marriage just to have one, but then again lots of women want their special day and moment and that’s totally understandable. Congrats to Kang Sora and hopefully Changmin and his fiancee will pick a date suitable for them that works in the context of social distancing likelihood.

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KBS Releases 2018 Ranking of South Korea’s Top Entertainer Beauties of All Time

The list is subjective of course but I’m always curious to see if the populace views beauty how I may perceive it. The 2018 list of 30 Top Korean Beauties of All Time and I foresee debate over the top … Continue reading

First Drama Poster and New Stills for tvN Rom-com Revolutionary Love with Choi Si Won and Kang Sora

With how hard Manhole (Wonderland’s Feels or Feels So Good) flopped recently on KBS Mon-Tues, there is a reasonable concern that similarly quirky rom-com feel upcoming tvN drama Revolutionary Love may be coming at a time without the audience for this type of … Continue reading

Teaser and Confirmed Casting for tvN Drama Byun Hyuk’s Love with Choi Siwon, Kang Sora, and Gong Myung

Hopefully this will be one of tvN‘s solid romantic drama outings rather than one of it’s flat footed fails, for some reason the network is pretty extreme in either direction when it comes to rom-coms. In terns of now confirmed … Continue reading