Doom at Your Service Ends with Happy Ending with No Consequences of Either Terminal Illness or Human-God Separation

I will not forget to add Doom at Your Service (One Day, Destruction Came to My Door) to my ongoing list of worst drama of 2021, now that it has ended and indeed did not have a magical revival in the final episode in a final redemption hurrah. What it did have is apparently a writer still shitting rainbows and unicorns, for a drama that started off with the female lead having a terminal illness and short 3 month sentence, who then falls in love with a mystical otherworldly being that is destruction/doom, the ending just made all the serious issues go away just like that. The female lead doesn’t have terminal illness anymore and lives happily ever after, and the male lead turns from the god of destruction to a human and a doctor to boot! The female lead writes their love story into a successful novel and the two live happily every after, even making a wish on a falling star to get married. Oh, and the second female lead picks the slightly less douchey of the two supporting male leads and they get their happy start. The end. I honestly didn’t think even a happy ending could suck this bad but this screenwriter continued to reverse impress me even to the end.

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Production on jTBC Drama Run On Halted Again Due to COVID Positive Crew Member, Leads Im Shi Wan, Shin Se Kyung, Sooyoung, and Kang Tae Oh Go Back to Two Week Quarantine

Well this certainly will delay yet again the premiere of a drama I’ve been highly anticipating. Again, not complaining, safety above all, but it’s got to be hard for the entire cast and crew to go back to two week … Continue reading

jTBC Drama Run On Filming with Two Sets of Drama Couples Im Shi Wan with Shin Se Kyung and Kang Tae Oh Paired with Sooyoung

Cable network jTBC hit a grand slam home run this year with The World of the Marriage but the magic didn’t continue with successor drama Graceful Friends. The weekend time slot feels like the new Wed-Thurs prime time days, where … Continue reading