The Tale of Nokdu Leaps Forward in Emotional Revelations and Twisty Plot Development in Fourth Week Episodes

KBS drama The Tale of Nokdu is seriously way better than it projected on the premise alone and I was good with a silly and fun cross-dressing tale. Now we have double palace and royal family male descendants intrigue and feelings so strong and bursting forth Kim So Hyun‘s Dong Joo feels the need to physically get herself away from Jang Dong Yoon‘s Nokdu, and he’s the one who confessed his feelings first and got shot down ha! I love the twist that Kang Tae Oh‘s Yul Moo isn’t just some garden variety nobleman but is instead the big bad of this drama, and big bad only because he’s doing what he was born to do which is vy for the throne and anyone else in his way bedamned. I was getting tired of Nokdu pretending to be widow, it was fun for awhile, so I’m happy the widow’s village is no more and we can get Nokdu being a dude forever and slaying every single obstacle in his way until he can reunite his family and get his girl. Continue reading