J-ent Reports Maeda Atsuko and Katsuji Ryo Headed for Divorce After He Moved Out in June Over Constant Fights About His Lack of Assistance in Childcare

Okay, hearing this story makes me want to punch Katsuji Ryo in the face, like he legit has an asshole punchable face. J-ent reported in June that married for two years star couple AKB idol-turned-actress Maeda Atsuko and kabuki actor Katsuji Ryo were on the outs as in June 2020 he had moved out of their shared marital residence. Maeda gave birth to their son over a year ago and reportedly Katsuji is hands off dad and doesn’t do any childcare at home. His friends claim it’s merely the stress of raising a child on both parties. Maeda reportedly stopped wearing her ring this month in August and was seen reunited with her former AKB group mates for a charity event sporting super short hair, or what we call “chop it all off, imma need a fresh start!” look. The couples friends say that Maeda was waiting for her husband to come home but he’s won’t so she’s done with trying to save the marriage. Good riddance but oh boy I feel bad for their little baby.

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Two J-ent Acting Couples Announce Marriages – Kiritani Mirei with Miura Shohei and Maeda Atsuko with Katsuji Ryo

It’s a big end to the month of July in J-ent as two big name acting couples suddenly announced marriages. First was Miura Shohei (30) and Kiritani Mirei (28) getting married after dating for two years since doing the drama … Continue reading