Gong Hyo Jin Dating Kevin Oh Already Glimpsed By Her Fans as She Earlier Posted an Accidental Insta of Him Before Deleting Seconds Later

Much as I think it’s pretty obsessive of fans to pore over every single detail of their idol or stars life, in the past there have been dating news that broke which the fans either knew about or speculated due to tons of social media sleuthing most commonly using couple items or same location backdrops. There have been a few cases of the star posting the significant other’s picture accidentally on their SNS and apparently recently it happened to recently revealed new couple Gong Hyo Jin and Kevin Oh. She apparently posted his picture on her Instagram before deleting it seconds later, but y’all know what’s posted can never be truly deleted. It was seen and captured by her fans and today serves as a reminder that she wasn’t super trying to hide it but merely waiting for the right time to announce. Congrats again to this new pair!

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