Krystal and Other K-stars Swallowed by Fashion Fail at Ferragamo Event in Seoul

We may have a new ignominious winner of the worst dressed K-celeb star event this time thanks to the burn your eyeball pairing with Italian couture brand Salvatore Ferragamo. Of the four attendees idol-actres Krystal was by far the worst dressed and I reckon she was just given the Ferragomo outfit and told to put it on because it fit her so poorly. The blue satin long double breasted jacket over too short wide hemmed trousers is a coordinated monstrosity and paired with the hideous heeled ankle strapped pumps it’s a doozy. Also fairly poorly are actresses Kim Hee Ae (though she was super chipper) swimming in fabric and an sallow colors and Ki Eun Se mismatched in color, cut, and fabric. Only male actor Jang Ki Yong was the closest to normal dressed and would have pulled off the serviceable menswear look but for doubling down on shirts. Continue reading